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Precision Die-Cut & Functional Parts WHAT IS IT?

CCL Design Electronics makes a range of die-cut components and functional parts: from insulators to lens protectors to acoustic speaker meshes. They are all designed to improve the performance of electronic devices. We use state of the art rotary and flatbed die cutting, laser cutting and clean room manufacturing, allowing us to manufacture products to the highest possible standards.

Furthermore, our in-house adhesive coating capabilities allow us to provide clients with bespoke and more cost efficient products.

Multi-Functional Adhesive & Complex Assemblies

CCL Design Electronics produces complex assemblies of adhesive, foam, and formed plastic shims to assist in precise assembly of delicate electronic components. Mass production processes like island placement ensures the most cost effective solution for your design. Combinations of removable, permanent and stretch to release pressure sensitive adhesives provide the precise level of adhesion for the component. High precision location ensures proper X, Y, and Z axis assembly of electronic components cycle after cycle.

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Materials Scientist CCL Suzhou

Combining the latest materials and process technology, enables the customer to streamline their assembly process

Materials Scientist, CCL Suzhou

Multi-Functional Adhesive & Liner Assembly
(Example of our Multi Functional Liner Assemblies)

Protective Films

Protective films are used to protect cosmetic surfaces from abrasion and damage during assembly and during transport from factory to end customer. Protective film solutions from CCL Design Electronics offer fit for purpose adhesives that offer a precise balance of peel adhesion to hold in place yet enable easy removal.

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Customer Quality Engineer CCL Customer

It never ceases to impress… [the] most difficult surfaces and the strangest lamination requests from us… they always come through with a solution…

Customer Quality Engineer, CCL Customer

Protective Film for Tablet Screen
(Example of Our Protective Films)

Thermal & Electrical Management

CCL Design Electronics provides a range of fit for purpose films, materials and adhesives to achieve precise electrical and thermal performance often with a solution that is thinner, with higher adhesive strength than competitive offerings available on the market.

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Materials Scientist CCL Shenzhen

Our latest materials allows our customers to optimise their product design by reducing weight and thickness

Materials Scientist, CCL Shenzhen

Tablet Motherboard With Copper Heatsink Film
(Example of our Thermal & Electrical materials)

Main Display Adhesives & Foam Seals

  • IPx7 water tight sealing options available
  • Impact resistant to protect sensitive displays and back light units
  • Light blocking/sealing options available (light transmission <0.2%)
  • Unique easy disassembly split foam constructions available for easy rework and repair of expensive display components

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Customer Service CCL EK

CCL Design Materials split foam enables my customer to realize significant cycle time reduction at their laptop repair centres, saving time and money.

Customer Service, CCL East Kilbride

(Example of our Main Display Adhesives)

Electrical Insulation Tapes & Components

  • Thin polyimide electrical insulation tapes down to 16μm thick including adhesive.
  • Strong, thin adhesives that can withstand shield can stamping pressures.
  • Adhesives that leave no residue on can when tape waste matrix is removed after tape is cut to shape.
  • Precise gloss level matte black coatings that can withstand stamping pressure.
  • Tape can replace more expensive masking and laser ablation of e-coating.

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Product Development Engineering Manager CCL OEM Customer

CCL Design's thin electrical insulators enable thinner designs for my accessory products. I can fit electrical insulation into tight fitting assemblies due to the very high adhesion strengths.

Product Development Engineering Manager, Major Global Consumer Electronics OEM

Various Sized Black PI Electrical Insulation Tapes
(Example of our Electrical Insulation Tapes)

Battery Wraps

  • Range of flame retardant material solutions including polyimide, meta-aramid, polyester, and polycarbonate
  • Durable matte black coatings that can withstand high levels of abrasion
  • Very thin polyimide and meta-aramid matte black tapes including adhesive and durable matte black coatings
  • Complex assemblies of stretch to release adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives protect sensitive battery cell packs from damage during service life and through repair and replacement operations.

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Manager CCL Customer Major Mobile Device OEM

My pack mechanical engineering team often engage with the CCL Technical guys. Together we have developed workable solutions for complex products.

Manager, Pack Mechanical Engineering (major mobile device OEM)

White & Black Smartphone Battery Label
(Example of our Battery Wraps)