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Brand Protection & Security Technology WHAT IS IT?

CCL Design Electronics offers a range of different types of Brand Protection to its customers, ranging from tamper evident box seals to highly complex multi-layer authentication labels. We have a global presence which ensures that we can support our customers with highly engineered products that are tailored to match their specific requirements.


Videomark is a highly overt security feature that has several covert layers built in.

To achieve this unique overt feature a photopolymer film is utilized in its bespoke manufacturing process, which allows it to create 3D images and depth that cannot be achieved with traditional Holographic techniques.

As such there has been no successful attempts at copying the Videomark product by counterfeiters.

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Technical Manager EK

Videomark is an extremely robust Overt feature which brings a high security level that helps protect our customers against the counterfeiting market.

Technical Manager, CCL East Kilbride

(Examples of our Videomark materials)

Security Labels (Overt/Covert)

All products are designed, developed and manufactured within our secure facilities ensuring all materials are closely controlled. Security labels can range from a box seal to a label with up to 20 different overt and covert security features. CCL Design Electronics use customised manufacturing equipment to produce complex products in volume.

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R & D Chemist EK

All CCL Design Electronics range of security materials are produced in house using our state of the art R & D and manufacturing capabilities

R & D Chemist, CCL East Kilbride

(Examples of our Overt/Covert security materials)

Track & Trace

Secure Track is CCL Design Electronics own designed and developed proprietary track and trace intelligent printing solution. Secure Track was developed combining CCL Design Electronics world class capabilities in material sciences. printing. and system and software development to create a solution that can be easily integrated to suit your business needs.

SecureTrack was designed specifically for the printing of code management solutions. including serialisation. encrypted security codes and customised coding algorithms. SecureTrack provides complete traceability through the supply chain process and offers anti-counterfeit. brand protection and product verification capabilities.

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Software Developer EK

Combining Secure Track with our range of Brand Protection products, gives customers an easy to authenticate multi layered brand protection system

Software Developer, CCL East Kilbride

Smartphone QR Verification
(Example of QR Code verification via a Smartphone)


CCL offers a wide range of Covert authentication technologies. A covert security feature allows the brand owner to add an invisible layer of authentication into their products without any impact to the Brand. We offer the following technologies:

  • Invisible Fluorescence.
  • Thermochromics.
  • Infra Red Invisible Imaging.
  • Guilloche Security Imaging / Digital watermark via Indigio Print Engine.
  • Photochromic.
  • Optical variable inks.
  • Colour Shifts.
  • Metachromic (reacts to the ambient light conditions).
  • Security Films with Imbedded covert features.
  • Anti Tamper Colour Change Features.
  • Solvent Sensitive.
  • Water Sensitive.

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Development Chemist EK

We have a wide range of covert features that help a brand owner prevent counterfeit products being returned to them for a false warranty claim or help identify if their products end up on the grey market. Most of our covert features can be combined with our Videomark technology giving our customers a highly secure multi layered authentication solution.

Development Chemist, CCL East Kilbride

Invisible IR Scanner Scanning a Security Label
(Example of our Covert materials)

Security Hologram / Optimark

  • Overt Security
  • Customisable Hologram
  • Continuous strip or discrete registered image
  • Offers a combination of covert and overt features

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Materials Scientist EK

Optimark is an overt holographic security feature that allows for easy authentication without the requirement of special tools. The feature itself is difficult to copy as it can include several covert features making the hologram itself difficult to copy.

Materials Scientist, CCL East Kilbride

Roll of Security Labels With Optimark Hologram
(Examples of our Security Hologram / Optimark materials)

Security Materials

Destructible Films

  • Used in a variety of applications where tampering needs to be visible

Voidable Films

  • Void adhesive patterns
  • Checkerboards
  • Custom Designs

Security Thermal Transfer Printable Overlaminates

  • Holographic films
  • Hidden UV features

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Product Development Director CCL Design Electronics

CCL's range of tamper evident materials are designed for use as security seals in packaging applications as for direct use on electronic componets. Our adhesives are tailored to give high performance on a wide range of different surfaces

Product Development Director, CCL Global

Hidden Hologram Material
(Example of our Hidden Hologram Security Material)